Checklist for Home Selling

Source: Nikki Buitendijk via Flickr Creative Commons

Selling a house is more of a process than one big step, and it takes a lot of work to sell a house properly. You can't just promote your listing, meet the buyer and sell the house and call it a day. It is never that easy. You need to follow certain steps in order to ensure smooth sailing when selling a house.

Below are the necessary procedures you need to follow whilst selling your house:
-           The first decision to make is one of responsibility: Do you want to pay a real-estate agent for selling the house, or do you want to do it yourself? A real-estate agent has experience, and usually would be able to get you a better deal, but agents too take a cut from your income. Do you want to take everything and do it yourself, or pay someone for the possibility of getting a better deal?

-           Prioritize communication and promotion. It is imperative for you to give importance to promoting your house. Because after all, if buyers can't find your house, how will they buy it? This is why you need to promote your house via the usual channels, while giving proper information about your house, especially its price.
-           You simply can't take a house and put it up for sale. You need to do some work with the interiors and exteriors, keeping in mind the interests of the ideal buyer to get a better price
-           Then comes the time to choose whether you want a professional to inspect your house
-           You can gather additional funds (and clear clutter) by selling off unnecessary furniture and appliances.
-           It is essential that you are well-versed in financial lingo regarding your house, such as the different types of mortgages, and other related terms. You wouldn't want to trip up if your buyer mentions something like assumable loans, would you?
-           You also need to get a grip on negotiation skills, and also need to learn about the legal procedures surrounding your house
-           Once again, you must make every effort to make your house better for the buyer. This step may seem like a waste of money, but it raises the value of the house on the market considerably.
-           You can now opt for a home-warranty to your house
-           You must have plans in place for a new house which should kick into action when you sell your old one
-           It is time for the final procedures: Closing and settlement to a buyer
-           Once a deal is closed, move to your new house as soon as possible

The checklist above shows just how much work goes into selling a house. While some steps may seeem unnecessary, if you want to get the best deal, you should pay attention to these steps and execute them well. If you do opt for a real-estate agent, that's a load off your back. But opt for an experienced one, even though it would be more expensive. The deals you would get would alone make it worth it.


Good luck!